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January 26, 2009



Congratulations!!! We are so happy for you and will certainly pray for a speedy recovery and plenty o' sleep for everyone! Can't wait to meet the little guy!

ty hogue

woo hoo! we will pray that katherine will be home to rest and heal quickly and completely! now that you have life with two boys i'm feeling like that guarantees a girl for us. no one to carry on the hogue name.

Denise Polinder

Congratulations! What a special little miracle. We will pray for a full recovery in a short time...sounds like Katharine has suffered enough!

Tom Kasprzak

Congratulations, Clark's! We miss you and look forward to seeing you sometime soon. May God bless you all, and especially bless Kath with a full, speedy recovery.

- The Kasprzak's

Joni Leete

What a beautiful family and amazing little blessing you have! So wish we could zap our way to Japan to see you all!
Great job Kate, he is another handsome little boy! Dylan looks so proud too :)
May you heal quickly and find some time to rest...goodness sake, you have earned it!!!
All our love

Amanda Clark

Welcome to the world little guy! And congrats Greg and Kathy! I prayed hard that he will be a sweet sweet boy since you had such a hard pregnancy! Happy birthday too Kathy!What a nice birthday present!


okay, the emergency c-section part just made me nervous, but so glad that it all ended up okay.
here is to a speedy quick recovery for you, kath!!!
I can't get the pics to load on the page, but I will be back to check again :)


He's beautiful!!! I'm so glad he is out and you can recover!! and I'm so sorry you had to do a c-section. I hope that you heal quickly and can feel back to your normal self soon. Congrats family of 4!!!!

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