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January 19, 2008


ty hogue

wow, if i didn't have dawn i would know where to go!

i think i got a better deal even though that russian accent can be sexy!

Sonny Huisman


But I have to admit, I'm not feeling too sorry for you HAVING to get out to the beach early to avoid burning.

Boo Hoo!

It's frickin' 5 degrees here - and that's without the wind to take into consideration . . . that puts us in the negative . . .

I'm feeling sooooooo bad for you guys having to burn, and play at the beach . . .

Just kidding (maybe)


Who knew you could find such a handsome BLOND Japanese child on the beaches of Bali?!!?

Dylan is looking so grown up.

Hoping for a playdate in March!!!

Bring some warm weather with you...

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